Portrait of the family of Dutchess Ozarowska Adèle (born Matthiessen)

The present work depicts the family of the owner of a porcelain factory in St. Petersburg. The back of the (possibly original) frame bears a hand-written label listing the family members, including "Adele, Gräfin Ozarowska" (born Matthiessen), which is likely the girl seated at the front in the white dress, who later married into the aristocratic Ozarowski family.

Little is known of the artist who painted this work. Whilst several art encyclopedias have previously assumed that Bothmann moved to Russia in 1846, the fact that the present work is dated 1845 proves that he arrived at least a full year earlier. When in Russia, Bothmann painted portraits of Tsars Nicholas I and Alexander II.

  • Title: Portrait of the family of Dutchess Adèle Ozarowska 
  • Measurements: 70 cm (h) X 101 cm (l) 
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Signature Left Under
  • Presented in its original frame