Beginning of Spring (Sketch)

Endogourov was one of the great artists in the history of Russian landscape painting, and representations of still waters was an important theme in his works

Ivan Endogourov portrayed not only the Russian nature, but also the West – European, treating it with reverence and love. The master is trying to penetrate as deeply as possible into the world of nature in order to better convey the changeability of its condition and the depth of its colours.

This picture is one of the best works of the artist. Looking at this work, one can note the extraordinary airiness of the canvas, feel the thrill of the intimate moment when nature awakens from a long sleep and reveals itself again to the world in full glory. Soft and smooth lines emphasize the lightness of the master’s brush, which reverently and tenderly convey the moment preceding the full bloom and the onset of spring.

The sky seems airy and dynamic, as if the clouds are moving away, disappearing in the rays of the golden sun. Endogourov perfectly selected the colour palette, trying to convey the real colours and shades of the work as accurately as possible. This landscape has an incredible lyricism and awakens warm, strong emotions. Due to the fact that the artist travelled very often, he was able to highlight in his canvases all the subtleties of nature that surrounded him in one place or another. One feels very careful attitude and admiration of the master, who became one of the best Russian landscape painters of the nineteenth century. His works are kept both in the Tretyakov Gallery and in some museums in Europe.

Compared to the finished work, this sketch on burlap has a more pronounced colour palette, giving the feeling it was created at an earlier moment in the morning.

  • Title: Beginning of Spring (sketch)
  • Measurements: 35 cm (h) x 59 cm (w)
  • Oil on Burlap
  • Unframed
  • Signed: Below Left